Name of scheme Dolmen Sums insured House Insurance
Brief Outline Sums insured Owner Occupied and Residential Let
Key Benefits Option of Accidental Damage on both Buildings and Contests
Commission 15%
Cover arranged by completing questionnaire {Home Owners AXA}
Insurer Axa Insurance dac

What does the Sum Insured mean for my home?

The sum insured is the maximum amount the insurance policy will pay in the event that the insured home is totally destroyed or badly damaged.There is no guarantee that the sum insured will be sufficient to cover the costs of rebuilding the property. The sum insured is not the price paid for the home. The price paid includes the value of land and reflects the market value of the home, rather than the replacement cost. The market value of your home will not equate with what it costs to rebuild it.

What does the Sum Insured cover?

Typically, house insurance will cover the costs of rebuilding the home and other features or buildings that make up your home.Features can include driveways, fences and garages. Our insurance policy will give details of what will and will not be included in your sum insured. It is important for the insured to read the policy carefully to understand what it covers.

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