Beazley is a market leader in event insurance. Their expertise in the sector ranges from providing cover for some of the largest conferences, exhibitions, festivals, music tours and sporting events in the world; to village fetes, weddings and birthday parties. The extensive experience of our underwriters and claims team allows us to provide a “one stop shop” for event insurance needs.  

Cover available

Event cancellation cover, to protect budgeted costs or revenue should an event be cancelled due to reasons beyond the insured’s control, including:

  • adverse weather cover
  • non-appearance
  • terrorism
  • national mourning
  • communicable disease
  • civil commotion.
  • Event equipment
  • Public liability

Events we insure 

With a broad risk appetite, and premiums starting at €75, we can insure almost any event, including:

  • Music, cultural, food and literature festivals
  • Carnivals, fetes and fun days
  • Conferences, exhibitions and tradeshows
  • Parties, banquets, dinners and dances
  • Concerts, shows and theatre productions
  • Triathlons, marathons and fun runs
  • Weddings and birthday parties.

Target clients

  • Event organisers
  • Charities
  • Councils
  • Event suppliers
  • Visitor attractions
  • Schools, universities, student unions
  • Venues, hotels, bars and restaurants
  • Any business with a financial exposure to an event
  • Private individuals and retail consumers.
  • Cancellation Plus – protection for reduced revenue due to wet weather

The cancellation of an event is not the only concern to organisers. They are also at risk of wet weather resulting in a drop in “walk up” attendance which can be a critical source of income to supplement advanced ticket sales. The loss of revenue that follows can play havoc with the financial health of even the best planned events. This is where Beazley’s Cancellation Plus cover can help.

To benefit from this policy extension the insured selects the level of rainfall that they feel would result in people deciding not to attend their event (5, 10, 15 or 20mm) along with the time period of most concern to them.

If the insured believes the weather trigger was met they should contact the Beazley claims team. We will then check by obtaining weather data from specific reliable third party sources.

The extension provides cover for 20% of the gross revenue limit insured under the clients’ event cancellation policy, up to a maximum of €50,000.

How Cancellation Plus works

Event cancellation policy:

A county show is expected to generate €200,000 of revenue. Should the event be cancelled due to heavy and persistent rainfall in the build-up, the insured’s cancellation policy will enable them to claim up to the €200,000 limit insured.

Cancellation Plus:

However the event cancellation policy would not pay out if there was heavy rainfall on the day of the event which was not severe enough to require cancelling but did keep people away leading to a decrease in revenue, such as reduced gate receipts and refreshment sales. In this situation, the cancellation Plus extension would pay out €40,000 when confirmed that it rained more than the pre agreed trigger in the chosen time period.

1. 20% of the gross revenue limit insured under the clients’ event cancellation policy (in the this case €200,000).

Benefits to you and your event insurance clients include:

  • Quick price indications with a minimal question set
  • Immediate quote and policy documentation.
  • Quotes for indoor and outdoor event cancellation cover without referral up to limits of €6,500,000 and €500,000 respectively
  • Event cancellation, liability, equipment and money cover under one policy.

Commission – 15%

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