Group Home Insurance Scheme

Dolmen Underwriting Group Home Insurance Scheme

Dolmen Underwriting has been offering home insurance solutions to brokers in Ireland for over 11 years. Over this time we have also arranged group home insurance schemes.

Some of the areas we can arrange are:

  • Location of houses (housing associations)
  • Associations the owners are member of (residence associations, group water schemes, trade organisations, clubs, trade unions, professional organisation, representative body, society, large employer.)
  • Construction (specific construction type such as timber)
  • Type of risk (High value sums insured, specific cover needs)
  • Rental (Blocks of rental properties)
  • Difficult to place risks (claims, non-disclosure, convictions, occupation)
  • Or simply a block of business you would like to place with an A rated insurer and have your own tailor made and branded policy.

All policies are insured via Lloyds of London offering excellent covers and the option to have a tailor made branded policy.
If you would like to discuss more about developing a group home insurance scheme exclusively tailored please contact me directly 087 230 9827 or email me

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